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Monday 26th of June 2017 01:43 AM UTC


Atlantis DHD Update

Make sure to update your Atlantis DHD to the mesh version, less prims, less script time and various bug fixes..

- Wolfie Waves


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Total DHDs registered: 146

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21 Dialing Computers
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86 ASN Lite DHDs

Gateworld News

Michael Beach Joins Aquaman Cast
<em>Stargate</em>'s Colonel Abraham Ellis will appear alongside Jason Momoa in the superhero film.
23 June 2017, 8:13pm

Homeworlds: Third Stargate Anthology Book Available Now
The newest installment includes ten short stories from around the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies.
21 June 2017, 5:05pm

Dark Matter Season Three Takes Off Tonight!
The Syfy Channel show from Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie is back for more summer action.
9 June 2017, 5:44pm

OS Labs Products in Second Life

Here is going to be a list of all my products in Second Life which you can buy either in-world or on Apez. Because I'm lazy I have currently only listed just 6 of my products.

To view full info for each item just click on the image and you will be taken to the items listing on Apez.

Alteran Puddle Jumper

Alteran Puddle Jumper  The Alteran Puddle Jumper by OS Labs & Subnova Industries. As seen on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis the Puddle Jumper is a fine little space craft that fits perfectly through the Stargates. This is a must if you are after a cool looking little space ship or aircraft.

OS Labs F-302

OS Labs F-302  The OS Labs F-302 Intercept Fighter is the first in a new line of Stargate themed vehicles. As seen on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis the F-302 is a fast, versatile attack fighter. It is mainly used as support craft for the large BC-304 battle cruisers.

Original Stargate DHD

Original Stargate DHD  The Original Stargate DHD, or "OS DHD" as most people call it is the flagship product of OS Labs and also the main reason why OS Labs is named "OS Labs".

This is a feature packed DHD and a must for every Alteran Stargate owner./

Alteran PDA

Alteran PDA  The Alteran PDA is the second most popular item from us. It's a great Stargate themed multi-tool that has loads of features such as an avatar scanner, teleport efects, item rezzer, searches for a gate in your current region, move lock, flight booster and much much more.

Alteran Sky Lift

Alteran Sky Lift  The Alteran Sky Life from OS Labs, the first in a new line of transportation and sports systems based around Stargate and Atlantis styles.

This item is great use as a lift for a sky box, transportation to anywhere in a sim (Provided your not banned from a parcel or there is no access list), for use as a sky diving launcher for aerial sports and many other things.

Aperture Laboratories Turret Sentry

Aperture Laboratories Turret Sentry  The Aperture Laboratories Turret Sentry as seen on the video game Portal by Valve that is based off of Half Life 2. The turret is fully functional and can do everything that the turren in Portal can do.