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Monday 21st of August 2017 03:53 PM UTC


Atlantis DHD Update

Make sure to update your Atlantis DHD to the mesh version, less prims, less script time and various bug fixes..

- Wolfie Waves


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ASN Status

Total DHDs registered: 132

16 OS DHDs
0 Alpha / Beta OS DHDs
16 Dialing Computers
1 Amelius DHDs
6 Atlantis DHDs
11 Modern Lantian DHDs
0 Subnovan DHDs
1 Forest DHDs
0 Cleary OS DHDs
1 Arcturus OS DHDs
2 OS Lite DHDs
78 ASN Lite DHDs

Gateworld News

Stargate SG-1 20th Anniversary Artwork: Vote For Your Favorite!
Get an early peek at one of five new <em>SG-1</em> digital artwork pieces, and vote on Facebook starting August 8.
7 August 2017, 10:58pm

Inside Stargates San Diego Comic-Con Panel
Stargate fan Sonia Melinkoff shares a first-hand account of the July 20 event and the after-party.
29 July 2017, 7:17pm

Stargate SG-1: Farewell (10 Years Later)
Revisit GateWorld's <em>Stargate SG-1</em> 10th anniversary memory book, with exclusive photos from the final night of filming.
28 July 2017, 2:00pm

OS Labs DHD Database

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There are a total of 132 DHDs registered in the database.


15 OS DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
WMorningstar ResidentClick To VisitMeadow Field4.3.1Milkyway
Zobeid ZumaClick To VisitBolinas4.3.1Milkyway
Lex MarsClick To VisitEternal Calm4.3.1Pegasus
Arcane LavalClick To VisitBagat4.3.1Pegasus
Filbert HolmerClick To VisitNautilus - Gisco4.3.1Milkyway
Lex MarsClick To VisitHan Loso4.3.1Milkyway
Death BergerClick To VisitTrotsdale4.3.1Milkyway
Woof SnowpawClick To VisitPet Adoption Center4.3.1Milkyway
TheDarkest FaireyClick To VisitHorizons Halley4.3.1Pegasus
Hiromi QuanClick To VisitYarrow Icefrost4.3.1Milkyway
Vala VellaClick To VisitXylophilous4.3.1Milkyway
TheDarkest FaireyClick To VisitIbex4.3.1Pegasus
SATA ZenovkaClick To VisitPartners In Crime4.3.1Milkyway
Lex MarsClick To VisitArang4.3.1Milkyway
Tamlin MarenwolfClick To VisitMarenwolf Brigadoon4.3Pegasus

SGC & Midway Dialing Computers

16 SGC & Midway Dialing Computers registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Wolfie WavesClick To VisitEternal Calm1.6Milkyway
WMorningstar ResidentClick To VisitMeadow Field1.5.1Pegasus
Lucas FairweatherClick To VisitBatchelor1.5.1Milkyway
Shimasu AichiClick To VisitBishop1.5.1Pegasus
Filbert HolmerClick To VisitLogray1.5.1Milkyway
Filbert HolmerClick To VisitHuchu1.5.1Milkyway
Jeri CarterClick To VisitInfinity Gate1.5.1Milkyway
Xenriy CarterClick To VisitDenkin1.5.1Pegasus
ZacTheSpack FizzleClick To VisitNorthbrook1.5.1Milkyway
nik385 DoesburgClick To VisitReggiano1.5.1Milkyway
Keelga ResidentClick To VisitLorena1.5.1Milkyway
Filbert HolmerClick To VisitImmaculate1.5.1Milkyway
Bluepaws McMillanClick To VisitDreamworld South1.5.1Pegasus
Fero DarwinClick To VisitKapalua Island1.5.1Pegasus
Tyrno ResidentClick To VisitPlum Berry1.5.1Pegasus
lada1000 SpartaClick To VisitLorena Green1.5.1Milkyway

Amelius DHD

1 Amelius DHD registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Tarod GavaskarClick To VisitInana1.0.1Pegasus

Atlantis DHDs

6 Atlantis DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Adren SackClick To VisitSerena Adrens Dream3.0Pegasus
mobiusonemasterchief InfinityClick To VisitZeta Valley3.0Milkyway
Vala AvroClick To VisitDistant Shores3.0Pegasus
miralidith ResidentClick To VisitFlyinTails Airfield3.0Milkyway
Adren SackClick To VisitCalopus2.3Pegasus
Buck2 MelsonClick To VisitBearkat Island II2.3Pegasus

Modern Lantian DHDs

11 Modern Lantian DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Kagehi KohnClick To VisitRizzo1.3.1Pegasus
AmyLee RexenClick To VisitPhoenix Enchanted1.3.1Milkyway
Exavior EltonClick To VisitZymmna1.3.1Pegasus
Xeroc ZerbinoClick To VisitEsterhal1.3.1Pegasus
gate SmallsClick To VisitTatsu Chaotica1.3.1Milkyway
Soul LexenstarClick To VisitJeesh1.3.1Pegasus
gate SmallsClick To VisitSeadrake1.3.1Pegasus
AmyLee RexenClick To VisitLoach1.3.1Pegasus
Matthew QuerrienClick To VisitPurple Coral1.3.1Pegasus
Shoma BaxtonClick To VisitMysterious1.3.1Milkyway
gate SmallsClick To VisitTatsu Chaotica1.3.1Pegasus

Forest DHD

1 Forest DHD registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Skylark LefavreClick To VisitSunny Beach1.3.1Pegasus

OS DHDs for Arcturus Gates

1 OS DHDs for Arcturus Gates registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Peter LamethClick To VisitArang3.7Arcturus Milky Way

OS Lite DHDs

2 OS Lite DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Alexin BismarkClick To VisitPeriwinkle4.05Milkyway
CrystalShard FooClick To VisitMew4.05Milkyway


78 ASN Lite DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Cryptic ResidentClick To VisitJeogoriTollanASN DHD Lite
Craig WilliamClick To VisitWowTollanASN DHD Lite
Klytyna ResidentClick To VisitHorizon IslandTollanASN DHD Lite
Hannah BluemoodClick To VisitCalletaTollanASN DHD Lite
Lucy WarbloodClick To VisitMcKindred IsleTollanASN DHD Lite
Craig WilliamClick To VisitJardin TropicalTollanASN DHD Lite
Roger KormannClick To VisitRekallTollanASN DHD Lite
JasonRAH HeronClick To VisitSimulating History LabTollanASN DHD Lite
CrowleyCorp ResidentClick To VisitIsle of InnovationPegasusASN DHD Lite
adrien45 ChengClick To VisitLarkspurPegasusASN DHD Lite
Bitova LoonClick To VisitWakulla RidgePegasusASN DHD Lite
NeevaBecketEmagan ResidentClick To VisitEmbrace the OceanPegasusASN DHD Lite
Gemini EnfieldClick To VisitWhippersnapperPegasusASN DHD Lite
Henning LionheartClick To VisitAquila IIIPegasusASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitBoncarusPegasusASN DHD Lite
Tiarnalalon SismondiClick To VisitAmellaPegasusASN DHD Lite
Valen LeinhardtClick To VisitGreen PeachPegasusASN DHD Lite
Harlo SouthpawClick To VisitDodamPegasusASN DHD Lite
Bitova LoonClick To VisitEmerald SandsPegasusASN DHD Lite
Chaos JarvinenClick To VisitLegions CovePegasusASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitEternal DesiresPegasusASN DHD Lite
Jax SirbuClick To VisitOrellianPegasusASN DHD Lite
Arnold GustavClick To VisitMesa 5PegasusASN DHD Lite
JM HumphreysClick To VisitSeneca CollegePegasusASN DHD Lite
CourtneyJames ResidentClick To VisitStunning ViewsPegasusASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitBruissacPegasusASN DHD Lite
Kayila ResidentClick To VisitWest MillPegasusASN DHD Lite
Diranara ResidentClick To VisitMile HighPegasusASN DHD Lite
Ziayuli ResidentClick To VisitShadows of IllusionsPegasusASN DHD Lite
Xarrax OpteraClick To VisitCandy CovePegasusASN DHD Lite
Specist DeminaClick To VisitDevils LandingPegasusASN DHD Lite
JasonRAH HeronClick To VisitAnthem Education GroupPegasusASN DHD Lite
GENOFREAK KnaveClick To VisitSpitfirePegasusASN DHD Lite
Yarbin YalinClick To VisitSabulellaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Lianndraa GothlyClick To VisitGEL Community 8MilkywayASN DHD Lite
Warcheeso ResidentClick To VisitMassiniMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Kendra KitalphaClick To VisitWild FlowerMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Invictus LlewellynClick To VisitArmanadoMilkywayASN DHD Lite
NickArgeneau ResidentClick To VisitAlexandreMilkywayASN DHD Lite
TiffanyAK ResidentClick To VisitSakaiMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Triton PaineClick To VisitMohahMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Katsuhito TalClick To VisitCitadelMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitEternal DesiresMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Kyrah AbattoirClick To Visitdead realmMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Thomas AkerClick To VisitGalaxyMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Elliot FarometClick To VisitHonors HideawayMilkywayASN DHD Lite
assassin4ever ResidentClick To VisitSpurnessMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Monalisa RobbianiClick To VisitBeethovenMilkywayASN DHD Lite
AlfieS0768 ResidentClick To VisitLaurierMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Ansaja GuardianClick To VisitKokanoMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Specist DeminaClick To VisitMaemilkkotMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Fred McCellanClick To VisitVerneyMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Fred McCellanClick To VisitVerneyMilkywayASN DHD Lite
KarHallarn ResidentClick To VisitAudrinaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
donmoxis94 ResidentClick To VisitRiverside BayMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Helena LyciaClick To VisitSuilvenMilkywayASN DHD Lite
TempestKittie ResidentClick To VisitFlyinTails AirfieldMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Luke MommsenClick To VisitLostFurest dAlliezMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Doe RilerClick To VisitRosesMilkywayASN DHD Lite
najah IlliosClick To VisitJimat PulauMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Lauri MayfairClick To VisitForbidden CayeMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Henrietta DeminaClick To VisitRedshiftMilkywayASN DHD Lite
domino PlatthyClick To VisitDominoMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Cd DuffieldClick To VisitPlaya BaruMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Zephyrant ResidentClick To VisitAmellaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Neo2154 ResidentClick To VisitEmeryMilkywayASN DHD Lite
semalina ResidentClick To VisitErogenous ZonesMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Shoma BaxtonClick To VisitLeucrocottaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Gunther SladeClick To VisitJuliet ParadiseMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Junkozane49 ResidentClick To VisitOceanicaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Goldwolf ResidentClick To VisitHidden PathsMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Kueilin TennenClick To VisitVoltai FoothillsForerunnerASN DHD Lite
chris PrimsmithClick To VisitKanes ProjectForerunnerASN DHD Lite
JaidenJustice ResidentClick To VisitFishergateForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Bobcatt NielsonClick To VisitGrayling AirfieldForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Coyote SeattleClick To VisitGuittarezForerunnerASN DHD Lite
herminetic ResidentClick To VisitSands of TimeForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Tigroon ResidentClick To VisitSuzumeForerunnerASN DHD Lite