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Sunday 26th of June 2016 09:52 AM UTC


Atlantis DHD Update

Make sure to update your Atlantis DHD to the mesh version, less prims, less script time and various bug fixes..

- Wolfie Waves


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ASN Status

Total DHDs registered: 105

18 OS DHDs
0 Alpha / Beta OS DHDs
11 Dialing Computers
0 Amelius DHDs
6 Atlantis DHDs
6 Modern Lantian DHDs
0 Subnovan DHDs
2 Forest DHDs
2 Cleary OS DHDs
1 Arcturus OS DHDs
4 OS Lite DHDs
55 ASN Lite DHDs

Gateworld News

Episode of the Week: Can Jonas Change The Future?
Jonas experiences visions of the future in Season Six's "Prophecy."
20 June 2016, 10:00am

Stargate Reboot Will Embrace Elements Of SG-1
Director Roland Emmerich talks about the project's development.
14 June 2016, 10:57pm

Episode of the Week: Langara On The Brink Of War
Jonas returns home and Dean Stockwell guest stars in "Shadow Play."
13 June 2016, 10:00am

OS Labs - Ultimate Stargate Accessories

Welcome to the OS Labs website. This is... was just a basic site that you can use to find out product listings, manuals and staff contact information as well as info on the OS Labs Mini-mall located in Eternal Calm.

Now it has a much better design and is just nice :)

OS Labs snapshot - December 2007

New Releases

New product releases by OS Labs will appear here.

Alteran Puddle Jumper

Alteran Puddle Jumper  The Alteran Puddle Jumper by OS Labs & Subnova Industries. As seen on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis the Puddle Jumper is a fine little space craft that fits perfectly through the Stargates. This is a must if you are after a cool looking little space ship or aircraft.

If you have any bug reports for the Puddle Jumper please IM Wolfie Waves in-world or use the Contact Us page on this site.

SGC & Midway Dialing Computers V1.0

SGC & Midway Dialing Computers V1.0  Comming soon from OS Labs is the SGC & Midway Dialing Computers that work with the new Alteran Stargates AKA Arcturus 4.0. The dialing computers are currently in beta for people to test with the new gates which are also still in beta.

If you have any bug reports for the dialing computers please IM Wolfie Waves in-world or use the Contact Us page on this site.